Neocell Corporation Beauty Bursts Chew Frtpnch (1×60 CT)


Neocell Corporation Beauty Bursts Chew Frtpnch (1×60 CT)

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Beauty Burst Fruit Punch by Neocell 60 Chewable Beauty Burst Fruit Punch 60 Chewable NeoCell Beauty Bursts deliver high absorption beauty nutrients in a delectable gourmet soft chews. Collagen Type 1 3 is the body’s beauty protein and strengthens skin hair and nails. Hyaluronic Acid is know as Nature’s Moisturizer and hydrates the skin. Vitamin C is essential to boosting collagen skin. Together these three beauty nutrients work together to build beautiful skin from the inside out. Collagen Type 1 3 for firm smooth skin and strong and nails Hyaluronic Acid for skin hydration and renewal All natural formula bursting with delicious flavor Suggested Use As a dietary supplement Take 2 to 4 chew daily – Or as directed by your healthcare professional.


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