If You Care Firelighters (12×72 CT)


If You Care Firelighters (12×72 CT)

SKU: B65100


Enjoy If You Care Firelighters (12×72 CT). If You Care 100% Biomass Firelighters are made from FSC-certified wood and 100% non-GMO vegetable oil. Use these environmentally friendly fire starting cubes to replace those made with kerosene and other petroleum products. For fireplaces, grills, wood burning stoves and campfires, use 3 ? 4 per fire. They burn for 8 ? 10 minutes. If You Care Biomass Firelighters are extremely stable, have a long shelf life, do not lose firepower or dry out when left open, are not oily or greasy; have no unpleasant smells, are non explosive and non toxic, and can be stored with food. (Note: description is informational only. Please read product label prior to use and consult your health professional with any question prior to use.


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