Eye Care Cream For Relieve Eye Fatigue Improve Eyesight


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Package : 2pcs

Net weight : 30g

Shelf life : 2years

Scope: applicable to dry eye, eye fatigue crowd,Swollen eyes, red bloodshot eyes, foreign body sensation during eye massage, often stay up late people.

Methods :

apply the appropriate amount of this product to the eye, and massage from the corner of the eye to the absorption, 2-3 times a day.


[note] eye trauma should be used with caution, especially sensitive eye.



Using method: 


The ointment squeeze a little (not a squeeze too much, a small number of times, the waste) evenly on the eyelids (eyes closed), gently massage until absorbed after absorption after the eyelids, eyes closed for 2 minutes, then the eyes feel cool and comfortable, open your eyes feel better usually clear many. The continuous use of 2~3 times, the eyes will be significantly improved, and especially serious smear eyes will have similar hot feeling, especially serious will cry, please rest assured that this is the use of natural eye ointment, in your eyes to exclude toxins, etc. will shed will feel very comfortable.


Eye and eye diseases especially serious to apply early in the evening of 3 times a day, such as eye soreness in the night before going to sleep on the bed with a line. 



  • Brand Name: Sumifun
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Model Number: D3219
  • Application: Other
  • Feature 1: Protect your eyes
  • Feature 2: Soothes eye fatigue
  • Feature 3: Reduced redness in the eyes
  • Feature 4: For stay up late
  • Feature 5: For Eye Protection
  • Net weight: 30g
  • Sending speed: Send in time


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