De Lallo Extra Virgin Olive Oil (12×16.9 Oz)

De Lallo Extra Virgin Olive Oil (12×16.9 Oz)

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Save on De Lallo Extra Virgin Olive Oil (12×16.9 Oz). We assure the superior quality of our oils by using only Italian olives, grown and pressed in Italy. When you taste our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, you can taste the care we take to make it?starting with all Italian,grown olives, carefully cold,pressed to create a golden,green color, silky texture and rich olive flavor with a light peppery finish, robust but never overpowering. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is highly versatile and works equally well as a salad dressing or dipping oil, in marinades, for dressing pasta, in saut_s, soups and sauces. In short, it?s a delicious everyday oil.. (Note: Description is informational only. Please refer to the actual ingredients and manufacturer’s website prior to use. If you have any health questions please consult your medical provider.)

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