Ark Naturals Super Strength Joint Rescue (1x90WAF )


Ark Naturals Super Strength Joint Rescue (1x90WAF )

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Supports Cartilage Function – Joint FunctionAlleviates Pain Associated with ExerciseWhy choose Joint Rescue Super Strength ChewableAlleivates aches and pains associated with daily exercise and morning stiffness. Boswellia, curcumin, bromelain, and yucca helps to reduce pain and soreness and keeps your pets comfortable as they continue with normal activity and daily exercise.500 mg. of glucosamine in each chewable provides the daily veterinary recommended use of glucosamine, essential for the synthesis of synovial fluid. Antioxidants, minerals, amino acids and other synergistic ingredients are included in Joint ‘Rescue’ for the sole purpose of increasing absorption and maximizing response.Comfort for your pets. Happiness for their humans! Great tasting chewable water. In multiple taste tests 97% of pets who tried our product preferred this taste over all others. Easy to use. Scored. Easy to break in half.Veterinarian recommended. Ark Natural products are formulated by Dr. Nancy Scanlan, DVM and Dr. C Leigh Broadhurst PhD.


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